Thursday, May 5, 2016

Things I dislike about Paid Surveys

All my past blog post were about the positive side of paid survey sites and how one can make good money using them. Though its true that you can make good money from the paid survey sites, but at the same time we must know that not all the people who want to make money from survey websites are successful. Typically there are only few percantage of people that make good money this percentage can range from 40 to 60% and about 20 tp 30% people are making money but not on regular basis and rest 10 to 20% people are those who fail.

Being sucessful making money from paid websites is not easy tasks and there are few things that I dislike about these websites. Despite being happy making money from this method I am writing this post, here comes the list of dislikes:

  • Not a fixed income source: Sometimes the income from paid survets goes as high as 2000$ a month, however sometimes its down by 80% and in rare months I get not surveys to take. 
  • Multiple websites registeration: I have to manage registeration with multiple websites as its nto sure which website can get you more surveys to complete. 
  • Eligibility: Sometimes after filling the survey information I get the message of not being ellibigle. This is frustrating. 
  • Payments Delay: Sometimes the payment is made immediately after completing the survey however the delays in some cases pisses me off. 
  • Scam: Chances of being scammed are high.
  • Not every survey get you cash: Sometime you are paid as points that you can redeem or gifts or gift cards. This is not I like always. 
Still getting paid for completing a 20 to 30 minutes survery is what I like about. Here is a fresh list of sites you might want to try 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to find scam free survey companies

All of us know there is a strong opportunity to earn extra money by signing up with paid survey companies. All you need to do is create your membership accounts and start answering surveys to receive money. However this is not that much simple, many times people find prey to some to fraudulent business and websites about paid surveys. Such companies either make money from paid accounts of they never pay the consumers for the surveys. Paid survey scams are very common and you can search internet to see some case studies in all parts of the globe be is Asia, America, Russia, China etc.

How to find legitimate paid survey websites?
As I've highlighted so many times in the past at this blog, there are many ways you could judge a website. Some of the best ways are:

  • Never sign up for a paid survey website without any free account option. Almost every website that will ask for a paid account is a scam. Also with so many options whats the need to pay for creating account.
  • Keep away from website that asks for your credit card information: Credit card information is never required for you to take surveys. Chances are there that the website is trying to scam you.
  • Never share social security number: Like it is said for the credit card information, if you are asked for your social security number for surveys you are being scammed. 
  • Very high payments being offered: On average you can earn from 10, 20, 40 to 100 dollars or few more for surveys. But be cautioned if there are some unrealistic offers.
  • No contact information - Valid companies will share the email, phone and contact details. So use this as thumb rule. 
 At last do some online research for every new website that you wish to join. For a scam company you will find lots of negative comments.

Hope this helps.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Have you joined paid surveys and work at home site

Have you joined paid surveys and work at home site? If yes then do post your feedback on this article and in case your answer is no, then you have arrived at the right page. We'll help you make your decision while you need to join this site or not.

My friends most of the time send me a website URL and ask me questions like:

  1. Is this site safe to join?
  2. Is it beneficial?
  3. How much can I expect to earn?
  4. Are there any chances of losing money?
  5.  What are the risks involved?
  6. etc. 
In case I've any experience with the site they mention I share my feedback else I ask them to the homework themselves. And most important point while making the decision whether to  join a paid survey or work at home site like Inbox Pounds is that you research online. Here are some pointers:

  1. Study the website carefully like the age of domain, registrant information. 
  2. Study if there are testimonials at the website and if the testimonials are real or fake?
  3. Alexa rank of the site: Paid Survey and work at home sites generally have a good alexa rank. In my opinion if the alexa rank of any site is less than 10000, then it might not be good to join. 
  4. Research online: Find what other people say about the site, you can google for reviews, complaints or scams etc added with the paid survey site name. Generally you'll get a good idea of how good or bad it is to join the given site.
  5. Don't pay to join, there are risks involved in paying a huge amount just to join a site. You can see if they have any trail or free membership that you can upgrade later. 
Not lets focus about Inbox Pound, I read first about this site at newspaper article about making money online and in the article it also mentioned that you get credited INR 100 (£1.40) on joining only. This sounds exciting and tempted me to find out more about this site. I visited the site and found some average reviews about this online. It seems to be a new site with less job offers.

But yes when I joined I got the said amount in my Inbox Pound account. Site is easy to use with nice interface but there are less job offers at the site. Perhaps this will increase in future, so I suggest you can join the site, perhaps your profile can be eligible for more jobs as compared to mine.  You can join the site at least play with it for some time and yes you can always unsubscribe in case you are not getting enough emails, surveys or videos to watch.

One thing I disliked about the site is that payment circle is very long.  You can get paid after you balance reaches  £20. Since the value for survey in less, it might take some time to reach the £20 level but thie doesn't mean the site is not good as you are getting paid for just surfing internet, completing survey or watching videos.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get Cash for Survery Training - Paid Surveys Training Online

Lots of men and women around the globe are making a good amount of money by cash for surveys programs. Cash for surveys is just another name for what is popularly known as paid surveys. Though many people like paid surveys as it gives them opportunity to make extra money that will help in the monthly budget, still many people (specially beginners) feel that paid surveys of cash for surveys programs doesn't make them money as they expected.

Reason behind people failing to making money from paid surveys is the lack of proper training. People just doesn't understand the basics of cash for surveys programs.  Its just that they hear about paid surveys and they think that all they need now is just to search online paid surveys sites and start making money.

But actually it doesn't work like this.

To be successful with paid survey sites, you need to understand how paid surveys work and how you are paid for taking surveys. One must know the tips if they are eligible for a survey or not etc.  These are the thing a majority of paid survey takers learn after spending some time or initial failure with making money from surveys.

Think if you get proper training from the beginning, how much time and money you can save and how successful you can be with these cash for survey programs. Now the question arises is where to get training for paid surveys. Recently I read a press release about a "Paid Survey Site providing training to Survey experts". It was formerly a paid survey site that is now providing training to people who plan paid survey for a monthly income. The one month training program is designed to make any person interested in cash for surveys a full fledged survey expert.  You can get more details at the company site

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paid Surveys Research work before you start

Reason I am making this post titled "Paid Surveys Research work before you start" is that if you do the research yourself then it would be more convincing for you to start paid surveys and consider surveys seriously as an income source. If I'll need to make a post here it'd be almost same as most of the articles you can find over various other blogs or websites on paid online surveys. Thus to make it more interesting and helpful for all the aspirants of making money through internet surveys I am posting some topics for your to research. I am sure that these topics would help you in many ways.

Here are the topics: 
  1. Getting started with paid surveys
  2. Is it a genuine way to make money
  3. What are the other ways to make money from internet
  4. Are paid surveys fraud
  5. Myth and Truth of online paid surveys
  6. Which paid surveys companies should be avoided
  7. List of top paid surveys sites
  8. Trends of online paid surveys in your area, city and country
One you have researched the topics given above I am sure you have almost done all the home work required to be successful making money from surveys.  In case you still have any queries or any question unanswered we at  are here to help you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Online Surveys a tool for making money online

Numerous advertisements speak of getting paid for taking surveys online makes a chaos on my search engine page when I just type make money online. What is that, I always wondered. I immediately thought of how to make money for taking surveys online?

Soon I researched for a while and came closer to the wisely hidden truth of the statement of taking surveys online and making money.

Don’t worry now you would not have to search and waste your time with learning facts about how to make money for taking surveys online. Before discussing more on any money making policy online let us discuss something prior to it. Money making online is connived for a basic reason of a being. The proposed reason for you to land you to land up to your PC and make money is because you want to earn while you learn, or to earn at any age, or to earn being a retiree, homemaker or when temporarily out of job. You can get salaried to accomplish surveys on the net for the industries that require demographic reports on marketing. Industries expend a lot of revenue to publicize their services and products and through taking surveys you become a non-physical member of such industry. It simply signifies that they pay people who tell their judgment about their products and services. There is not anything off beam with such kind of surveys and money making policy.

But with the loom there is lap, an appalling thing is that there are a lot of scammers so as to exploit such money making strategies online and solicit money in order to provide you an inventory with those businesses or by asking an access cost. Those are tricks and scam each and every one of them, and this is a bit you should bear in your mind while seeking a job online by taking surveys. By no means pay these sites to fasten together. Legitimate sites are totally free of charge.

Large hordes of such illegitimate site seeking money via different channels are bit skeptical. There lie numerous online communities and affiliates who are registered to partake and follow a line of investigation in the market.

Some of the tips to keep you to track on the net while searching online survey taking and money making jobs are jumbled as:

  1. All legit surveys are 100% free. There is no industry which charge people for taking surveys as an entry fee or anything.
  2. In addition, there are numerous websites which collect large lists of survey websites and then charge viewers to see those sites. I advise that you don't pay them sound. They attempt to gather as many websites as in their potential, so a large proportion of the websites they've composed are fiddled.
  3. Each survey website will only propel you only some surveys a month. To create really perceptible profits, you will require joining as many legit investigation websites as feasible. People make around $200 a month from these websites. It may sound a little, but bearing in mind it is complimentary and uncomplicated. Thus, it is a first-class surface revenue

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online Paid Surveys - Tips to getting started

Online Paid surveys have been widely accepted nowadays and used for making extra money by a wide population. Most of the population that is engages in paid online surveys include students, house wives, moms and retired persons. Now when paid surveys are well recognized and reasonably accepted as a method to make money online, it’s the time for you to understand the right way to start taking paid surveys. In this post I am going to share with you some tips for you to getting stated with online paid survey sites.

It’s true that internet is full of scammers and there might be some scammer websites in the online surveys niche as well. However not all sites are scam and majority of websites are genuine ones that pay you for the survey and are safe to use. All you need is to find such good legitimate survey sites. It’s easy to find good survey sites as they are already well established and earned good reputation in the industry. So your first tip is to find good survey sites. Whenever you plan to join a survey sites, please take some time and search about the company online. You can search for company history, scams etc. If you’ll find good reviews you can join the site else there is more option available.

Once you’ve joined good survey sites, next you need to is to get trained and learn the tips of making more money from surveys, This can be done by not be selective of the survey and bias them based on prize money or reward points etc. I suggest that you should take each and every survey you are eligible of.
Third and most important tip is never delay filling a survey you are eligible of. Many of the times surveys are only available for some time or limited to a number of users etc. Thus you must take the survey ASAP and never put it on hold.

Next you must check your email regularly many times survey sites send you notification when you are eligible for new surveys. Thus it’s important that you should use the email address that you check on daily basis for registering at various paid survey sites.

I hope this tip would be of some help to you. If you are looking for more work at home jobs option please feel free to visit